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Step 1

Initial Phone Consultation:  client-planner relationship will be established and defined.  Scope of services needed by client will be determined and how MCD Advisors can be of assistance. MCD will gather client data: information regarding your specific situation including what your goals are and what specific questions if any, you would like answered.  Client will need to complete the list of questions and send either via email, fax or mail applicable documents.

Step 2

Analysis and Evaluation:  MCD Advisors works on comprehensive financial plan (usually takes two to three weeks from receipt of documents from client)

Step 3

Presentation of  financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives: this is usually a one to three hour meeting at the convenience of the client, usually in the client’s home.  Weekdays and weekend appointments are available.  Additional meetings will be accommodated if necessary.

Step 4

Implementation of the financial planning recommendations: with the assistance of MCD Advisors, client will begin the implementation process.  The scope of the engagement is usually dependent on how much needs to be done. You and the MCD Advisors will agree on how the recommendations will be carried out. MCD Advisors may be able to carry out some of the recommendations or serve as your “coach”; coordinating the whole process with you and other professionals such as attorneys or insurance professionals.

Step 5

Monitoring the financial planning recommendations: both parties will agree how frequently the plan will need to be updated and the degree of frequency meetings and other conversations will occur.  In most cases, it is up to the client to come back to MCD to request an annual or other periodic review.

Questions for new clients

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